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Split Landing Page

My Role

I created this to test the abilities of a plugin I came across and flex my Front End Development skills. Each section has one side that appears to stay on the window until you scroll out of the section. This opens up many possibilities. You could have one side contain the title of each section or have different sections allow the user to line up different slogans or catchphrases.

The Site

This is just a landing page idea I came up with, it's not in use on any live site. While reading about sticky positioning (where an element stays in one position on screen but only while it's still inside of another element) this layout popped into my head and I just had to put it into code. I particularly enjoy this kind of design work because it's a challenge and it's very rewarding to figure out. You won't find a layout like this in any template or framework so it will remain unique and eye catching to users. It has a human touch that helps it stand out from the monotonous clones that populate most of the internet.

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