Bart's Portfolio

My Role

This site was my first real project and it was a great first project because it put different areas of my knowledge to use. I created everything on this site from start to finish including it's PHP backend and JQuery/HTML front end (aside from plugins and frameworks). For the front end I created a custom minimal build of Bootstrap. For additional styling I used the LESS preprocessor. I also included some code from JQuery UI and a plugin that makes it usable on mobile devices with touchscreens. For the backend I used a PHP library that allowed for easy and secure emailing.

The Site

MultiFamilyWindows is an interactive site that hosts an a form that allows users to give project information to the company in an easy money saving way. The first page is a drag and drop list of priorities for the project and the second is a straightforward form to fill out. The site uses one email account to send emails the owner of the site with client info and a reply-to email address.

Other Work