Bart's Portfolio

Kung Fu Janitor

My Role

This site was a quick front end design project designed using mobile-first principles. I created using UX design methods and even did some usability testing with the help of some friends. Because of the simple art style I was able to create the animated header using gifs without worrying about color quality. This site was planned to be a simple blog possibly powered by Word Press. The navigation menu was created without any javascript, CSS only. This makes the site slightly more simple and efficient.

The Site

The content of this site is actually one of my side projects. It is a game I'm creating in Game Maker Studio from scratch (art, programming, sfx and everything). Since I'm not planning to sell the game it doesn't make much sense to launch a site for it but I wanted to create one just for the fun of it. I also wanted to see how I could incorporate the animations I had already made into a website.

Other Work