Bart's Portfolio

Burrito Masala

My Role

This project was made during a class on UX Design. I developed hypothetical user profiles, user stories, and a content inventory and created the design from those documents. The main goal was to create a site that would direct users to the information needed as efficiently as possible. The site was created using mobile-first principles and uses flex-box for it's structure. Flex-box, for those who don't know, is a new css display type that is easy to make responsive efficiently. At mobile sizes, the food menu is interactive.

The Site

Burrito Masala is a hypothetical Portland food cart that sells Mexican-Indian fusion food. The site needed to cater to young adult users who were on the go and most likely on a mobile device deciding where to go for lunch. The main thing the site needs to get across is it's location, and hours and such. The other thing the site does is show appetizing pictures of menu items to hungry customers who are likely thinking with their stomachs when looking at the site. This class was right before lunch and it was torture...

Other Work